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WiPLUS Terms of Use

  1. PROFiTEL Communications takes every care for the normal operation of the Wi-Fi Network and Services and takes all appropriate measures for the security, integrity and maintaining the Wi-Fi network operations falling under its sphere of control, while keeping the service quality level required by the relevant Regulations and Decisions of EETT or any other provisions of law and delegated acts issued thereunder that provide stricter or additional requirements with regards to the service quality and European Law.
  2. PROFiTEL Communications announces at its electronic web site its policy on any matter relating to the service. The relevant announcement creates an irrefutable presumption that the Client is aware of these relevant announcements.
  3. PROFiTEL Communications is not responsible for safety, quality, availability and adequacy of OTE networks and/or other Providers and/or third parties where the Customer will have access through the of Telecommunications Services.
  4. The nominal connection speed of the wireless Wi-Fi network is the maximum possible speed. However the offered speed is under no circumstances guaranteed by the Company, since it depends on technical parameters and conditions beyond Company’s control.
  5. PROFiTEL Communications reserves the right to interrupt at random times Customer's access to Wi-Fi service, in order to safeguard the Customer, the proper functioning of the Network and the compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  6. PROFiTEL Communications reserves the right to revise the Terms & Conditions at any time. The users must accept the Terms & Conditions each time they use the Service and have the full responsibility of reading them in view of possible revisions.
  7. The Wi-Fi User expressly states that will use the Service in accordance with the Law, good faith, good business and moral practices and he acknowledges that the user is fully responsible for any illegitimate use of the Service.
  8. The Wi-Fi user expressly declares his/her acceptance to receive communication for the purposes of direct marketing of products or services.
  9. The Wi-Fi User must not violate, without limitation, the provisions of Law 2251/1994 "On Consumer Protection", Law 2121/1993 on Copyright, Law 3471/2006 on the protection of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications sector, the Law 2472/1997 for data protection, the Law 2774/1999 on data protection in the telecommunications sector and the relevant Directives and Recommendations of the European Union, such as the above apply. The usernames/passwords are administered strictly for personal use.
  10. Complementing the above mentioned, misuse constitutes, for example, the attempt to appropriated the "Password" of another client, sending unsolicited and/or a large number of e-mails to mailing lists without the prior consent of the recipients (spamming), the use of the internet in order to hinder its operation or its use by third parties, the commission of criminal offenses, such as trafficking illegal, pirated material, the use of personal data, records and other client credentials, with or without this consensus, etc.
  11. The wireless internet access network, to which the Customer is connected, does not encrypt data when they are transmitted. The safety of the Customer system and personal data is solely the Customer’s responsibility. Therefore, we recommend the use of secure transmission protocols such SMTPs, POPs, IMAPs, SSH, HTTPS, etc.
  12. The Wi-Fi User must comply with each published policy for the use of Company’s services and Network. In case the Company in any way harmed by the acts or omissions of the Customer, the latter is obliged to make good any loss to the Company and the Company is entitled to call him as a guarantor to the relevant procedural court proceedings or EETT. In any case, the Customer is liable to pay to the Company, even if use of the services provided by a third party, in accordance with the terms defined above in the Terms & Conditions of the service.
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