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QUESTION: Will my connection to WiPLUS Hotspot affect the settings of my laptop ?
ANSWER: Your connection to any WiPLUS Hotspot will NOT change your device’s settings. Your device will continue having exactly the same settings as those before connecting to WiPLUS HotSpot.

QUESTION:Does WiPLUS service support Roaming between HotSpots?
ANSWER: Yes. You have the possibility to use the access card at any WiPLUS HotSpot.

QUESTION: What do I have to do to use the remaining access time of my card at a different WiPLUS HotSpot than the one from where I initially supplied it?
ANSWER: The way to connect to a different HotSpot than the one where you initially used the access card is exactly the same. Follow exactly the same connection procedure by entering the username and the password of the card with the remaining access time.

QUESTION:: Can I make use of all Internet services and functions through WiPLUS HotSpot?
ANSWER: WiPLUS technology allows you to make use of all functions and services provided by the Internet.

QUESTION: Can I connect to a WiPLUS HotSpot without the use of a WiFi enable device ?
ANSWER: WiPLUS Service supports all the devices which are WiFi (802.11 a/b/g) compatible.
In many HotSpots, Public Pcs  have been installed, in consultation with owners, offering to users not having a compatible device to connect.

QUESTION: Is my computer vulnerable to other WiPLUS HotSpot users ?
ANSWER: WiPLUS technology is equipped with security features that make access among Hotspot users impossible.
Therefore, your computer runs no risk of being harmed by another HotSpot user.

QUESTION: What do I gain by buying a longer access card ?
ANSWER: Longer cards cost proportionally less than shorter cards for the same total access time.

QUESTION: What do I need to know to contact the WiPLUS users support department ?
ANSWER: For a faster service by the WiPLUS users support department, you will be asked to provide your card’s serial number indicated on its reverse side "S/N xxxxxxxxxxxx"

QUESTION: WiPLUS service supports wireless Internet access only ?
ANSWER: WiPLUS service supports both wireless and wired Internet access.
Many WiPLUS Hotspots feature both connection types of your computer.

QUESTION: Can I have simultaneously access from two devices using the credentials (Username & Password) of a single card ?

ANSWER: The credentials of WiPLUS cards can be used from one single device at a time.
You can use different devices with the same access codes, but not at the same time.

QUESTION: How can I know where WiPLUS HotSpots are located ?
ANSWER: You can get information from the Website of WiPLUS service and, more particularly, through the Hotspot Locator.

QUESTION: The username and the password of my card are not clearly marked.  What should I do to connect ?
ANSWER: Contact WiPLUS Users Support Department, indicating your card’s serial number shown on its reverse side "S/N xxxxxxxxxxxx"

QUESTION: I am entering the right username and password of my card, but I cannot connect.  What should I do ?
ANSWER: Be sure that your card has not expired.  If the access time of your card has been exhausted, you should obtain a new one.
If your card has not expired, please contact the WiPLUS users support department, indicating your card’s serial number shown on its reverse side "S/N xxxxxxxxxxxx"

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